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Rhymba v3.6 Documentation


All playlist endpoints called with a post verb will create or add. All of these calls require a valid Access Token from a logged in user to be passed in the request header.


POST - Create a new playlist.

Javascript Example

var hash = CryptoJS.HmacSHA256('POST&/Playlists/&name=New%20Playlist&mediaIds=53379368%2C2573243&access_token=ZT...DE=', private_key);
var hash64 = CryptoJS.enc.Base64.stringify(hash);

Header Name Type Description Example
system_access_token string Your Rhymba Access Token E32C8CFE8A1EC895C8C63FE5BD924941
system_access_secret string Your Rhymba Access Secret 25BA2FADE0B0F47A0D913EBBC8F1EB6C
hash string The request hash cndh6C/die66R+qwceUJW/dXBHYUwm6tVt8MhBayl/0=
Field Name Type Description Example
name string The name to call the Playlist New Playlist
mediaIds string Comma delimited list of media ids 53379368,2573243
access_token string Access Token ZTMyYzhjZmU4YTFlYzg5NWM4YzYzZmU1YmQ5MjQ5NDE=


Type Description Example
Playlist JSON The new playlist object
    "Users": [{
        "UserId": 27
    "Items": [{
        "MediaId": 53379368,
        "AlbumId": 8736662,
        "ArtistId": 97847,
        "TrackName": "The Diamond Sinners",
        "AlbumName": "The Gospel",
        "ArtistName": "Pig",
        "TrackLength": 279,
        "id": 764,
        "order": 1
        "MediaId": 2573243,
        "AlbumId": 216154,
        "ArtistId": 89991,
        "TrackName": "Dead Souls (From \"The Crow\" Soundtrack)",
        "AlbumName": "The Downward Spiral",
        "ArtistName": "Nine Inch Nails",
        "TrackLength": 293,
        "id": 765,
        "order": 2
    "Name": "New Playlist",
    "Description": null,
    "Image": null,
    "ImageId": null,
    "PlaylistId": 178,
    "SortSeed": 691744021,
    "IsRandom": false,
    "DMCA": false,
    "TotalItems": 2,
    "Playing": false,
    "currentItem": null,
    "currentItemTime": 0,
    "id": 12,
    "order": null


POST - Add Media to a Playlist


POST - Add a Playlist to a Playlist


POST - Upload an Image to associate with a Playlist. This uses our Imagebank service, and requires an Imagebank account be setup.


POST - Add an Album to a Playlist


POST - Add an Artist to a Playlist


POST - Make a copy of a Playlist


POST - Add a User to a Playlist. Either endpoint can be used, both are included for completeness.