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Rhymba v3.6 Documentation


This is where the bulk of your Playlist configuration will happen. The main /Playlists/ endpoint will let you rename the Playlist, alter the description, set the play order to random, reset the randomization order, and set if this playlist will maintain DMCA compliance. You can also preset a Radio Play start time, to have the Playlist begin Radio Play automatically at a specific time.


PUT - Edit a Playlist's configuration.

Javascript Example

var hash = CryptoJS.HmacSHA256('PUT&/Playlists/12/&name=Different%20Name&access_token=ZT...DE=', private_key);
var hash64 = CryptoJS.enc.Base64.stringify(hash);

Header Name Type Description Example
system_access_token string Your Rhymba Access Token E32C8CFE8A1EC895C8C63FE5BD924941
system_access_secret string Your Rhymba Access Secret 25BA2FADE0B0F47A0D913EBBC8F1EB6C
hash string The request hash cndh6C/die66R+qwceUJW/dXBHYUwm6tVt8MhBayl/0=
Field Name Type Description Example
name string Optional; The name of the Playlist Different Name
description string Optional; A description for the Playlist This is my new playlist
IsRandom bool Optional; If the Playlist order should be random. This sets a random seed, and the playlist will always return the same randomized list. false
Randomize bool Optional; This resets the random seed, creating a new random order for Playlist items to return in. false
DMCA bool Optional; If enabled, the playlist will be tested for DMCA compliance, and return an error specifying where and why any failure occurs. Once enabled, media that violates DMCA complaince cannot be added. Collections, such as Artists, Albums, and other Playlists cannot be added to DMCA compliant Playlists. false
startTime datetime Optional; Date and Time to auto start Radio Play. 2019-10-01T09:00:00+00:00
access_token string Access Token ZTMyYzhjZmU4YTFlYzg5NWM4YzYzZmU1YmQ5MjQ5NDE=


Type Description Example
Playlist JSON The requested playlist object
    "Users": [{
        "UserId": 27
    "Items": [{
        "MediaId": 53379368,
        "AlbumId": 8736662,
        "ArtistId": 97847,
        "TrackName": "The Diamond Sinners",
        "AlbumName": "The Gospel",
        "ArtistName": "Pig",
        "TrackLength": 279,
        "id": 764,
        "order": 1
        "MediaId": 2573243,
        "AlbumId": 216154,
        "ArtistId": 89991,
        "TrackName": "Dead Souls (From \"The Crow\" Soundtrack)",
        "AlbumName": "The Downward Spiral",
        "ArtistName": "Nine Inch Nails",
        "TrackLength": 293,
        "id": 765,
        "order": 2
    "Name": "Different Name",
    "Description": "A description for the Playlist",
    "Image": null,
    "ImageId": null,
    "PlaylistId": 178,
    "SortSeed": 691744021,
    "IsRandom": false,
    "DMCA": false,
    "TotalItems": 2,
    "Playing": false,
    "currentItem": null,
    "currentItemTime": 0,
    "id": 12,
    "order": null


PUT - Change the position order of Media in a Playlist.


PUT - Change the position order of a Playlist in a Playlist.


PUT - Change the position order of an Album in a Playlist.


PUT - Change the position order of an Artist in a Playlist.